Movie reviews that are suitable for watching by small kids

Technological advances make us now enjoy a variety of animated films. Not to mention Japanese animated films that are widely known as anime. Anime both in the form of comics and animated films are popular among various groups in Indonesia. But not infrequently the cartoon is not worth watching because its contents contain pornography. It’s different from the cartoon film from the Ghibli animation studio.

Ghibli animation studio, is a studio developed by Hayao Miyazaki a genius producer. Hayao is nicknamed the Japanese Walt Disney. The making of cartoon animation from the Ghibli studio illustrates the perfect detail. Background, character expression, way of running characters manually. Each picture will go through a revision process from Hayao itself before finally being made into its digital form. Although many fictional characters in the animated film, Ghibli still accentuates the realistic form as possible. The way the wind blows blow hair, the way the character runs, to the background, everything looks very realistic. Not surprisingly, the studio-made animation film Ghibli successfully entered the box office.

The advantage in the studio character of Ghibli’s film, most of the main characters are women. And female characters are often girls. Unlike Disney cartoons that depict their characters with perfect body shapes, Hayao portrays women as they are. In accordance with the character you want to highlight. Uniquely the female characters at Ghibli’s studio have different characters at the beginning of the story and the end of the story. Sophie’s character in Howl’s Moving Castle is a moody character at the beginning. He was hit by a magician’s curse so his face grew old like grandmothers. Every time he was depressed his face grew older. At the end of Sophie’s journey, she grew into a happier person. Sophie’s face looked even younger. Then there is the Cihihiro character in the Spirited Away movie. Hihiro is described as a cowardly daughter. He was trapped in the spirit world and met Haku. Haku fosters self-confidence in Cihihiro. And the character’s character changes at the end of the story.

The cartoon from the Ghibli Study is loaded with messages of humanity in symbolic form. Cihihiro’s parents in the film Spirited Away are described as being greedy. They are then described as turning into pigs. Meanwhile, Chihiro’s character who was forced to work in a hot spring to make up for his parents’ release reflected the infinite love of a child towards his parents.

Ghibli’s studio animation film can enchant its audience with entertaining, imaginative, naturalist treats, and definitely worth watching children.

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