Can credit card transactions can also be used to pay tuition bills?

The cost of school education for children is increasingly expensive, so avoid using credit cards to pay off the tuition fee. We recommend that you plan for early education financing by choosing the appropriate instruments for future child education expenses, such as: education insurance, education and education savings. Or if the dot may use the option of taking a loan without collateral as long as the amount does not exceed 25% of the total income in order not to disturb the family financially.

Tuition Fee Should Have Been Well Planned

If you choose the option of educational savings, then by mom’s credit card can realize the desire to have electronic goods while still saving for the education of children. So there is expenditure, but it can be a new refrigerator and the children’s education savings goes on.

Currently, credit card transactions can also be used to pay tuition bills. But the tuition bill will incriminate when paid with a credit card, even though the student loan rate is lower than the average credit card interest rate. Large payouts will make the repayment time and loan interest rate higher. Should not add a debt burden from student loan payments, as it will make more debt and payments become longer. The best solution is to find a scholarship.

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