How to Maintain the Hygiene and Health of Birds?

Talk to your bird while walking around the house with you. This is very important during the initial few years together. Birds learn quickly and will startle you with the variety of sound effects it produces. For example, some birds will be able to mimic the sound of water coming into the sewer as you wash the dishes, perhaps even imitating your voice cleaning the oven, dining table and kitchen table. Some birds can mimic the sound of the tool, such as a stirrer or an electric mixer when the bird sees you removing it to make a cake or smoothie

Play music together. For example, birds you can learn to sing gently as you play piano or other musical instruments. Your bird is very smart, is not it?

Provide water in containers large enough to take a bath. Birds do not have to be cleaned as often as dogs; most birds will clean themselves in a bowl of water. Provide a bowl large enough for bathing. Bird bath to keep her body cool in warm weather, so make sure you provide water for a bath when the temperature is warm

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How to Do African Hair Braiding Step By Step?

Prepare your first part. Use a tightly toothed comb to divide a part of your hair into the size you want. It should have a flat square shape. Apply a little gel or cream all over your hair, and spray with a little water and olive oil to reduce the twist and make it easier to shape. Use your comb to brush all over this part several times, to make sure that the hair is really smooth and tangle-free.

Start your first winding. Separate parts of your hair into two equal pieces. Start wrapping them tightly away from your head into a rope-like pattern; you will easily wrap tightly around the strands simultaneously coiling each other to create a coil. To keep it firm, you will pull the coil firmly to your scalp when you do it.

Complete your first coil. When you are near the end of the strand and begin to run out of hair to wrap around, you will need to replace it with a single strand to secure the tip. To do so, grab two strands and combine them together (there will not be much hair left to do). Then, wrap this part around your finger a few times, in the same direction as you wrap your two-strand of hair. This will curl the tip of the hair, securing it in place.

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